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What’s your interest rate on auto loans?

faqOur auto loan interest rates depending on each individuals credit and type of vehicle being purchased.

What if my credit is really bad?

faqevery situation is unique. We believe everybody deserves a second chance. Most of us have experienced hard times leading to a low credit score but that does not make us bad people! No matter what your credit situation is, we will find a way to get you an auto loan!

Other lenders have turned me down.

faqWe cannot guarantee terms and conditions but we will explain what you need to do to get approved. In every case, we will guide you and explain what’s required.

How much of a down payment will I need?

faqIt’s all based on your credit and vehicle of choice. We have zero down options available for qualified applicants.

What type of vehicle can I purchase?

faqThat depends on what amount the financial institution approves you for.

Is there an option in choosing type of interest rate?

faqThere are two types of interest rate offered – fixed and variable just like a home loan. You can choose the bank which offers the one you need.

Can I get loan to purchase a used car?

faqYes, loans are offered to purchase used or second hand cars. However, interest rates would be slightly higher for such vehicles. Other factors such as repayment capacity, car value, etc.